Ghosts on the Underground is a 2005 documentary that literally submerges viewers in the splendour and mystery of the stations and tunnels of the London tube.
interview | ghosts & hauntings
Exploring the Extraordinary is an annual conference that recognizes and discusses extraordinary things – a wide range of them – that occur in people’s everyday lives.
interview | studies & events
A historic Canadian railway tunnel, in disuse since the 1930s, suddenly becomes an Internet- driven, ghost hunting sensation. What was it that sparked such intense interest around this site?
interview | historical research
Author and Reiki Master Cat Wheeler shares a variety of extraordinary experiences from her time living in Singapore and Bali over the past two decades. She talks about how she learned to clear spaces of unwanted energies and achieve fearlessness.
in my own words | extraordinary experiences
Two historians are tracing the origins and development of psychical research in the Netherlands, which otherwise has been seldom discussed in English language studies.
interview | historical research
Christopher Laursen shares the experiences of a friend and his mother that suggest that animals survive death. In one, a ghostly cat, in the other signs from beloved pets. A thorough bibliography shows how many people are reporting such experiences.
article | extraordinary experiences
British anthropologist Jack Hunter, editor of the journal Paranthropology, went to California’s Esalen Institute in October 2013 to join interdisciplinary scholars to discuss the study of the paranormal.
interview | studies & events
A Filipino-Canadian family recollects the haunting of their Manila home and how, on the advice from a friend in Toronto, they implemented a nine-day-long Jamaican clearing ritual to dispel the ghostly presence.
article | ghosts & hauntings
The uncanny experiences of an expatriate living in Bali: strange shadows that beckon to another dimension; and the kuntilanak, an apparition of a girl with long black hair, similar to the one in the horror movie The Ring.
article | extraordinary experiences
Work-to-travel expert Tiffany Owens of Modern- Day Nomads talks about how she broke free of career conventions to take care of diverse properties across America with her husband – from a remote ranch iqoptions to a haunted hotel.
interview | travels & journeys
A conference in Utrecht in the Netherlands seeks to better i q option preserve the vast amount of documentation on paranormal research and experiences, many of which are at risk of being lost forever.
article | historical research
interview | imaginative works
Engage in “sensory sorcery” with Pam Grossman, New York-based associate editor for Abraxas, the journal of esoteric studies, and curator of the website Phantasmaphile, as she takes us on a tour through five incredible esoteric art pieces by Remedios Varo (left), Hilma af Klint, Jesse Bransford, Elijah Burgher, and Adela Leibowitz.  Pam talks about how Saturday morning cartoon culture from her childhood got her into magic and esotericism, Madame Blavatsky and Kandinsky, and how this art disrupts public assumptions about occultism.
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